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65% to 95% (maximum) (noncondensing) Maximum shock (for operating x7569 measured with Dell Diagnostics running on the hard drive and a 7-ms half-sine pulse for non-operating x7569 measured with the hard drive in head-parked position and a 7-ms half-sine pulse):.


Replacing the Stand Procedure Slide the tabs on the stand into the slots on the back cover. Replace the screws that secure the stand to the chassis. Postrequisites Replace the stand cover. See Replacing the Stand Cover on page 66. Follow the instructions in After Working Inside Your Computer.


Replacing the Coin-Cell Battery Procedure Insert the new battery (CR7587) into the battery socket with the side labeled + facing up, and press the battery into place. Postrequisites Replace the system-board shield. See Replacing the System-Board Shield on page 86. Replace the back cover.

Disconnect the antenna-in connector cable from the connector on the TV-tuner card. Remove the antenna-in connector. See Removing the Antenna-In Connector on page 87. system-board shield antenna-in connector cable TV-tuner card Replacing the System-Board Shield Procedure Replace the antenna-in connector. See Replacing the Antenna-In Connector on page 88.

CAUTION: Although Dell Datasafe Local Backup is designed to preserve the data files on your computer, it is recommended that you backup your data files before using Dell DataSafe Local Backup. NOTE: Dell DataSafe Local Backup may not be available in all regions.

Express Service Code are located on a label at the back of your computer. Use the Service Tag or Express Service Code to identify your computer when you access the Dell Support website or contact technical support. Before Setting Up Your Computer.

To launch the application, click the notification area of your desktop. The Dell Support Center home page displays your computer x7569 s model number, service tag, express service code, and service contact information. The home page also provides links to access:.

Clean the thermal grease from the bottom of the processor heat-sink. Apply the new thermal grease to the top of the processor. CAUTION: Ensure that you apply new thermal grease. New thermal grease is critical for ensuring adequate thermal bonding, which is a requirement for optimal processor operation.

System Restore The Microsoft Windows operating systems xAE xAE provide a System Restore option which allows you to return your computer to an earlier operating state (without affecting data files) if changes to the hardware, software, or other system settings have left the computer in an undesirable operating state.

Set Up the TV Tuner (Optional) You can watch TV on your computer by connecting either a TV/digital antenna cable or a set-top box to your computer. Set Up Using a Set-Top Box 6. Peel the protective cover from the IR transmitter and adhere the IR transmitter to the IR sensor on the set-top box.

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