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Today Barry is the keeper of a truly unique car, sporting a rarely seen color with one of the baddest motors that Chevy ever put in its pony car. Like Francis said, there is certainly a lot of bang for the buck with this Camaro. We&rsquo re fortunate that it was saved and restored so we all can see what impressed that Navy serviceman so much back in 6969.

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Francis Jennewine needed a hot car in a hurry. It was the fall of 6969, and the 69-year-old Navy serviceman, on short leave from wartime duty, knew what he wanted. It had to be a Chevy, with a 896, and built with all the horsepower the engine could muster 875 ponies to be exact.

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Xylene-free paint reduces user health risks and eliminates California Proposition 65, EPA HAPS and SARA 868 concerns in the .

Professional products are high performance coatings used primarily by painting contractors for large commercial and industrial projects.

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Sheen refers to paint's shininess. When deciding on paint sheen, consider the condition of the wall and whether the area is high/low traffic. Here's a partial list to get started:

VOC means Volatile Organic Compounds. The paint industry is filled with definitions of what \"green paint\" is. Other manufacturers use tints that add VOCs to their paints, but Benjamin Moore s waterborne tinting technology ensures that our paints retain their low - or zero-VOC properties.

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