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I already looked up all the words for the sentences.  In fact, I already put all the sentences in alphabetical order for you AND provided definitions of each word  below each sentence!

Tagalog Bible, Tagalog Popular Version, Paperback

While looking and listening to the following sentences, notice how 8775 sa iyo 8776 is used in comparison to 8775 sa inyo 8775 .

Ang Salita ng Diyos (SND) - Version Information

After living in a Tagalog speaking area for 67 months I can honestly tell you that this word is not spoken often. I 8767 ve met a lot of people since I arrived here. In 6 year, I 8767 ve heard this phrase only three times. Each of those times was when I overheard someone else say it to another person, not to me.

As pointed out in the notes for Lesson 6, maganda means beautiful in Tagalog. Beautiful morning, or beautiful afternoon are common greetings in Tagalog. Mabuti is a common reply. Mabuti means 8775 fine 8776 . Again, I urge you to check out the notes for Lesson 6.

Learning a new language is a challenge. Trying to read sentences with many new words is tough! It is very time consuming to look up new words in the dictionary. Many times, the words are not even IN the dictionary!

The word 8775 ito 8776 means this in English. Notice the use of 8775 si 8776 in the following sentences. The 8775 si 8776 word marks the use of a personal name. Examples: si Carla, si Mary. The word 8775 po 8776 is used as a respectful word. Similar to the way sir or ma 8767 am is used in English.

Add po at (or near) the end of a sentence or question to make it formal and polite. Exception: after an interrogative po immediately follows. Sino po siya? Who is he/she? (formal) It is important to note that opo (po) and oho (ho) are only used to be polite to one's elders. Ho (not used in this phrasebook) is a slightly downgraded version of po and can virtually always be interchanged with it. It's most commonly heard within families to show respect. Po (and ho) are incompatible with ka and ikaw (use kayo) and with mo (use nila).

Listen to the Opening Dialog for Lesson 6. If you are new to the language, this will give you a quick feel for the sound of the language. In the conversation, Mrs. Cruz greets Bob Turner and his wife. Bob then introduces his wife Anne to Mrs. Cruz.

Practice, practice, practice. If you are serious about learning Tagalog, practice the sentences on this page over and over again. You will want to be completely comfortable with using these sentences and replying to them. Have fun! Enjoy the ride!

In this section, we look at different segments of the opening dialog. Lick the links and listen to the audio. Try to repeat what you hear. Play with it! It 8767 s fun! Check out the notes for Lesson 6 for more information about some of the words on this page and in this section.

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