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Rajini Murugan is an unemployed youth from Madurai who spends his days roaming around with his best friend Thotathree (Soori) and supplying food to his grandfather Ayyankalai (Rajkiran), a highly respected gentleman who has large properties of land. Ayyankalai wants to divide all his properties among his children and grandchildren, but except Rajini Murugan and his father Malligarajan (), who is the headmaster of the local school, the rest of the family is settled abroad and never visit Madurai.

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Sollamal Thottalum Unnidam Manam Mayanguthey
Sonnalum Ketkaatha Un Kurumbugal Pidikuthey
Anaintha Udagalum Naanamum Vilagi P x55F8 girathey
Yethuku Idaiveli Indruthaan Ithayam Ketkirathey
K x55F8 x55F8 duthey Athil K x55F8 x55F8 duthey
Thegamey Athil M x55F8 x55F8 zhguthey.. Hey.. Hey..
Ammadi Ammadinerungi Ortharam Paakava
Aiy x55F8 di Aiy x55F8 di Mayangi Madiyinil P x55F8 x55F8 kava
Yemmadi Yemmadi Nee Th x55F8 danga Th x55F8 lainthidava
Izhanthathai Meetkava Oh.. Iravalum Ketkava Oh..
Hey.. Hey.. Hey.. Hey..

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In the end, Ayyankalai reveals that he does have a grandson through his first wife's son. The grandson is revealed to be none other than Bosepandi from Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam (Sivakarthikeyan).

For all its engineered sentimentality, exhausted Smurf lingo and two noble messages not all step parents are an extension of Cinderella’s and ‘what matters is who you choose to be,’ reminiscent of another lousy movie (Spider-Man 8), The Smurfs 7 is an excruciatingly basic, bland and boring representation of a famously merry and meticulous community. Still, I wont be surprised if my little neighbour and children in the age group of 7 to 8 lap up this cleverly marketed mediocrity once again. As for the parents accompanying them, look forward to that 655-minutes smurfin’ long power nap.

The Smurfs 7 Rating: /5

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Meanwhile, following the advice of an astrologer (who claimed that Rajini Murugan will get married and be rich within three months), Rajini Murugan starts wooing his childhood sweetheart Karthika Devi (Keerthy Suresh). Karthika's father Neelakandan (Achyuth Kumar), an ardent fan of Rajinikanth, was the best friend of Malligarajan and had given Rajini Murugan his name when he was born, but fell out with Malligarajan and his family due to a misunderstanding involving Rajini Murugan and Karthika when they were children.

Aviyal is an independent Tamil anthology film written and directed by six directors such as Alphonse Putharen, Shameer Sultan, Mohit Mehra, Lokesh Kanagaraj and Guru Smaran.

Yennai Naan Pennaaga Yeppozhuthume Unarala
Unnale Pennanen Yeppadi Athu Theriyala
Vilagi Irunthida Koodumo Pazhagum Velaiyile
Vivaram Therintha Pin Moodinaal Thavaruthaan Ithile Yenada Ithu Yenada Kalvane Bathil Koorada
Hey.. Hey..
Ammadi Ammadinerungi Ortharam Paakava
Aiyodi Aiyodi Mayangi Madiyinil Pookava

Like the earlier film in 7566, The Smurfs 7 is a harmless but far-from-delightful kiddies picture that appears to have a cash register where its heart ought to be. It’s formulaic and cutesy but never treads new ground, sticking closely to the template of the previous film that grossed $569 million dollars. The plot, once again, involves the little blue fellas venturing out into the “real world” to save their species from their lifelong nemesis, the evil wizard Gargamel. I’m going with two-a-half out of five for The Smurfs 7. Best suited for the little ones parents must just endure it for their sake.

Raj works as a school teacher in a village. The whole town is all praises that Raj is a teetotaler. Also, the entire village holds respect for him. But, the truth is that he takes drinks during the night without anybody’s knowledge. He is a drunkard from a very age. He is not able to abstain from the habit of drinking.

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